mst_logo-left1.pngSince 1997, the goal of MST Editing has been to facilitate publication of scientific observations in English language journals and books.

The editor, William Goldman, Ph.D., is a biomedical scientist with extensive experience writing, editing, and publishing scientific and medical documents. He has also served as a reviewer for a number of journals in a variety of fields. This expertise makes him uniquely able to meet the editing needs of the scientific and medical communities. Furthermore, authors interact one-on-one with Dr. Goldman until they are completely satisfied with their documents.

MST Editing has collaborated with both clinical and basic scientists, facilitating publication of their journal articles, book chapters and abstracts.

Benefits provided to scientists using MST Editing are substantial and include:

  • Increased productivity resulting from a reduction in time spent on the laborious task of writing in English, and an increase in the time spent on more productive research activities.
  • Increased world-wide exposure of the scientists and their research.
  • A fostering of scientific exchange that benefits both the individual investigators and the scientific community world wide.
“Your proofreading is precise and clear. In addition, I am impressed that you have a wealth of knowledge in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology.”
Prof. Hideshi Yanase
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Biotechnology
Tottori University